Running A Business? 2 Things To Ask Potential Waste Management Companies


When you are managing a large business, you might be more focused on keeping your customers happy and overseeing that large shipment than you are about choosing a new waste management company. However, if you make the wrong choice, you might end up dealing with frustrating hassles later. Here are two things you should ask potential waste management companies, so that you can be happy with your choice:

1: "What are your collection policies?"

Although most people assume that garbage collection is a pretty standard procedure, things can go wrong that can make your life miserable. Before you choose a waste management team, make sure that you understand their policies regarding:

  • Repeated Trips: If you are like most people, it can be easy to forget about garbage day. Unfortunately, if you forget to unlock the gate surrounding your dumpster, you might have to ask your waste management company to make another trip—which might cost extra, depending on who you use.
  • Hazardous Material Fines: You might tell your employees repeatedly not to dump those old computer screens or paint cans, but what will happen if they disobey? Ask different waste management companies if they offer fines for infractions, so that you know what to expect.   
  • Scheduling Dilemmas: If you run a compound with a secure front gate, it might be hard to give waste management teams access to your facility at all hours of the day and night. Talk with potential companies about the ability to reschedule collection times, in case you need to close up shop for a few days.

As you call different waste management businesses, try to determine their level of customer service. If a representative is difficult to reach or unfriendly, they might be that way when you need to change your garbage collection time too.  

2: "How will you protect my trash?"

It might seem like a silly question to ask, but if you have a big business, you might be interested in preserving your intellectual property. How will your waste management team keep burglars from rustling through your trash? Do they offer document destruction services? Ask waste management companies if they offer locking dumpsters, document shredding, and secure hard drive destruction. You might be able to use one vendor to care for all of your needs.

Choosing the right commercial waste management company might help you to focus on your business, instead of that dumpster sitting out back. To find out more, contact a business like E.L. Harvey & Sons.


15 April 2015

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