3 Reasons to Recycle Your Old Computers

Do you have an old computer or two that have seen their last days? If you’ve considered throwing your old computers in the trash, think again. Computers are not only worth recycling, they also pack a few harmful components that if not recycled properly could end up leeching into the environment. So if you have […]

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Waste Reducing Tips: 3 Unconventional Ways To Go Green

You have a desire to reduce the amount of trash that your home produces. And small changes can make a difference because the average person may produce up to 4.3 pounds of waste per day. You can decrease your waste production with the following 3 unconventional suggestions.  1. Composting Might Be Your Answer Experts believe that […]

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How To Create A Document Storage System

Managing documents is a major part of operating a business of all sizes. While small businesses are able to make document storage one task that an employee manages, medium to large businesses need to create an effective document management system. A well planned document management program will make use of a variety of solutions to […]

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5 Tips For Scrap Metal Junkies

Americans throw millions of dollars worth of metal into the garbage each year — just the gold and silver in discarded cell phones is valued at more than $60 million annually. This figure doesn’t even approach the value of other metals, including steel appliances, copper wires and electrical components, brass fittings and aluminum gutters or […]

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