Scrap Metal Recycling: Why Copper Tops The List Of The Best Metals To Recycle


Copper is a highly sought-after metal. The popularity of copper stems from the fact that it does not rust and is an excellent conductor of electricity. Furthermore, copper is used in manufacturing a wide range of domestic and industrial products. As such, it is easy to find tons of metal pieces for copper recycling. Take a look at reasons why copper is on top of the class in metal recycling. 

12 November 2021

3 Undeniable Reasons To Invest In Quality Grease Recycling Services


Cooking oil or grease is a fundamental ingredient in the restaurant business. Unlike the regular small volumes of cooking fat used at home, the restaurants use hundreds of liters in a day. Reusing grease to cook is a bad idea, and it gets frowned upon because it gives the food a poor taste. Pouring the grease down the drain is also not a wise move because it has some adverse effects on the environment.

23 June 2021

Computer Recycling: 3 Reasons You Need the Service of a Computer Recycling Company


With an increasing need for automation, more and more businesses are ditching manual operations and embracing computers. Investing in computers makes work easier and increases productivity. But over time, the devices become outdated or breakdown due to continuous use. At this point, you will need to replace them with newer models to meet your current business needs. However, getting rid of unwanted computers is a challenge for many business owners. Hiring these service providers has numerous benefits, including the following.

18 February 2021

Questions To Ask Before Renting A Frac Tank For Water Storage And Transport


Having access to water can be invaluable when you are working at certain job sites, but water is not always a readily available resource. If you run a construction business or some other type of company that relies on water, you may have to dig into the options that are available for taking your own water to a job site. Typically, this will involve renting a storage tank of some type to tote the water to the location.

16 July 2020

4 Facts About Recycled Steel That Matter To You And Your Wallet


You won't get 100 percent unrecycled new steel for the framework of your new building. That's because for every three tons of produced steel, two tons are made from recycled steel. Here in North America, recycled steel has always been a part of the steel-making process, which is why there's such a market for steel scrap metal like you'll find in cars, appliances, and construction materials. In fact, according to the Steel Recycling Institute, up to 80 million tons of used steel scrap is recycled into new steel products every year.

25 February 2020

2 Things To Do When Preparing Copper For Recycling


If you have a lot of scrap copper metal and wires lying around, you may decide to take it to a recycling center to make a little extra money instead of simply throwing it away. However, before you take the load, make sure that you do the following things. 1. Properly Clean It One mistake that you should avoid when recycling copper is neglecting to clean it properly before you sell it to the recycling center.

12 December 2019

Copper Recycling During Home Demolition


If you are going to be demolishing a residential property that you own, then you may be interested to find out just how much of that home you will be able to have recycled. This is going to give you some extra money that you can put toward any purpose you want, whether it be to help with the cost of the demolition, help with the cost of rebuilding, or just to put back in your pocket for whatever you want.

5 August 2019