Solutions For Plastic Recycling When Traditional Recyclers Won't Take The Material


Plastics recycling has hit a snag because there are now fewer companies taking the massive amounts of bottles and other plastics that could otherwise be kept out of landfills. In 2020, China stopped taking U.S. garbage and recycling, claiming the plastic was too dirty to go through the process. That's left companies in the U.S. wondering what to do next. It turns out there are a number of solutions that can help these companies recycle more of their plastic products.

Start Using Plastics That Are More Easily Recycled in Your Products

Companies that make plastic items should look at plastic types that are easier to recycle. It doesn't matter if it is recyclable; it needs to be easy to recycle. In fact, the state of California now has a law banning the use of the recycling symbol on plastic items that aren't typically recycled. Previously, the symbol could be on anything that was technically recyclable, even if there were no real-life services that would take the item. So, for companies that want their items to really be recyclable, they need to use materials that really are kept out of the trash stream.

Look for Chemical Recycling

Rather than grind up old plastic for reuse, some companies are now looking to chemical recycling to help them keep their plastics out of landfills. Old plastic can be turned into materials like diesel, so this is a great alternative to dumping items where they might linger forever. There aren't that many companies that do chemical recycling of plastics yet, but the companies that do exist should be happy to help you. Take note of the types of plastic they accept, and whether they need you to clean off the plastic before sending it.

You Might Send Some to Be Repurposed Instead

If you can't get the plastic to a chemical recycling plant, look at repurposing it. Many companies are now taking plastic and transforming it into different products like shoes, bags, clothing, bedding, and more. Yes, that hard plastic can be remade into softer items. The repurposing process can use different types of plastic, so always check with companies about what they're taking.

Plastics recycling may have had a tough couple of years, but there are solutions, from new recycling and plastic processing solutions to repurposing or changing what a company produces. Don't assume you or your customers have to throw your products in the trash.


7 April 2022

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