2 Things To Do When Preparing Copper For Recycling


If you have a lot of scrap copper metal and wires lying around, you may decide to take it to a recycling center to make a little extra money instead of simply throwing it away. However, before you take the load, make sure that you do the following things.

1. Properly Clean It

One mistake that you should avoid when recycling copper is neglecting to clean it properly before you sell it to the recycling center. If you turn in copper that has not been cleaned, you will not receive the highest amount possible since the center must take on that responsibility themselves. Because they then have to pay their workers to clean the metal, they may charge you a cleaning fee.

When it comes to cleaning copper, however, this term does not mean washing it. This means removing any coating on wires, affixed plastic, or other pieces of metal from a sheet or chunk of copper.

Just make sure that you do not burn off the plastic coating on wires. While this is often a method used to remove plastic from wires, it will affect the quality of the metal, and the center will not give you top dollar for it. You will need to manually remove the coating with a pair of wire strippers.

2. Do Not Mix the Copper with Other Types of Metal

Another mistake you should avoid making when recycling copper is to mix it in with other metals. While it may seem easier to simply throw it in with other metal that you plan to recycle, it could cost you when it comes time to sell the scrap. 

The recycling center needs to sort out all of the metal before they process it. If you do not do this part of the job for them, then they will have to have their employees do it and will give you only a base pay for all of the scrap instead of the higher amount that copper typically brings. However, if you turn the copper in separately, they will be able to weight it without sorting and pass on their savings on labor costs to you.

Doing these things can help ensure that the load you plan on taking to the recycling center can help you get a higher price for the metal. For more information or for specific steps that the service requires, call the copper recycling center ahead of time to make sure that you make all of the recommended preparations.


12 December 2019

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