Unique Ways To Reuse And Recycle Glass Bottles And Aluminum Cans


Landfills are filling up at a rapid pace. Estimates show that around 12 million tons of glass is made in the United States each year, and only about 25% of that is recovered and recycled for use in other products. Aluminum is recycled at around the same rate; four million tons are generated yearly in the U.S., and only about one million tons are recovered and recycled. There are several ways that consumers can recycle and upcycle these items to reduce the burden on solid waste landfills and the planet's natural resources. These ideas take very little investment of time and money, and can even add beauty to a home or office.

Recycling Cans and Bottles

Many cities and garbage disposal services are now offering curbside recycling services to customers, to recycle household waste and keep it out of landfills. Some companies require recyclable items like glass, paper, plastic, and aluminum to be sorted by category; other companies allow customers to throw all recyclable material together in one bin to be sorted after pickup. These services are very convenient, and customers should take advantage of these services whenever possible, even if it adds a small expense to the consumer's trash pickup bill. In addition, some companies have a rewards programs that offers customers the opportunity to earn points for recycling glass and aluminum containers. These points can then be exchanged for gift cards and other merchandise. Consumers who do not have a curbside recycling service may take their unwanted bottles and cans to a local recycling facility. Aluminum cans may also be collected and sold to a local scrap metal recycler for extra money for a vacation or holiday shopping.

Craft Ideas

A quick online search will yield thousands of project ideas that will allow people of all crafting abilities to reuse bottles and cans to make decorations and gifts. The possibilities are endless. Bottles and cans can be painted, covered in fabric and embellishments and used for a variety of things. Utensil holders, makeup brush holders and pencil/pen holders for a desk are all easy and cheap ideas. Larger bottles can be turned into easy holiday crafts. Decorative glass bottles can be displayed together on a shelf. Pretty glass bottles can also filled with flowers, pretty stones or branches and other foliage for a beautiful centerpiece or decoration for an end table or nightstand. Glass bottles can also be reused for storage for liquids, if they are equipped with a lid that allows for a tight seal to deter spoilage.

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12 December 2015

Get Green When Moving

About 10 years ago, I moved into my current home. Without being environmentally conscious at the time, I didn’t give much thought to how I moved my belongings from my old place to my current abode. However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to appreciate the environment much more. I realize that we only have a certain amount of resources and should do everything in our power to conserve them. Nowadays, you can plan a green move easier than ever before. Some moving companies offer reusable containers for you to pack your stuff in. The amount of green transportation options is constantly increasing. On this blog, you will learn how to get green on your next move.